Stencil TIme Lapse

Kednog Stencil – It’s a stencil combined from eight A0 size sheets of cardboards. Stencil has been done in Leak Street, Waterloo, Lonon.

Doodle at Tower Hamlets

Doodle at Tower Hamlets – I have studied Commercial Graphic and Digital Illustration at Tower Hamlets College and at the end of the year our tutor assigned us to do a collaboration doodle project with all class participants. Project was made on a front wall of the class room within the college property.

Stop Motion

Gondek  VS Kednog Battle – Using wood men, I have created a breakdance battle. Over a minute stop motion video that has been made of 25 frames per second.


Graffiti Aint Crime – it’s a short silence film about myself. Story shows a young man who loves doing graffiti and because of that, he goes to prison. During being locked up he’s working on a new concept of art. This time its not just illegal graffiti but more pre thought form of a street art that he performs it legally.

Doodle at Hope Town

Doodle at Hope Town – Hope Town, its a female dorm house in the heart of Brick Lane, East London. I have been managing and also participating in the charity project made for Salvation Army. I have been leading and directing women from Hope Town to draw wherever they felt like it then the rest I’ve had to wrap up with multiple patterns all around to make it as a whole.

Stop Motion – Animatic

Animatic – it is a preview of a stop motion animation.

Kinetic Typography – KrsOne “Palm and Fist”

The very first Kinetic  Typography project I have ever done.

3D animation

One of my last projects for the University. 30 second 3D animation with my personal design – KEDNOG