Portfolio Masonry Boxed


Fairy Tale – it was a project to make a fairy tale story, starting from illustration, writing the script and also to make it in a book or any form of a package.


Outdoor work – mainly made on canvases, cardboards, stencils on the walls or posters glued to the facades of the building, stickers, exhibition pictures, progress work and more.


All varieties of work that I have done for friends, clients, myself or just simply for fun.


Kednog – 111 illustrations combined just from the letters KEDNOG which is my surname spelled backwards. The whole concept of making Kednog was based on letters only by the multiplications of them and mirroring the image to make it evenessly semmetrical.

Stencil TIme Lapse

Kednog Stencil – It’s a stencil combined from eight A0 size sheets of cardboards. Stencil has been done in Leak Street, Waterloo, Lonon.